South Jr Deb Softball







SECTION I                                    NAME OF ORGANIZATION


A. A permanent non-profit organization founded in 1972 that operates under the Organization name of SOUTH JUNIOR DEB SOFTBALL LEAGUE.  The word “organization” when used herein shall mean SOUTH JUNIOR DEB SOFTBALL LEAGUE.


B. The organization shall be located on a piece of property called Goffe’s Falls Field, Brown Ave., Manchester, N.H.  If the Organization is dissolved at any time, all assets shall revert to the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Manchester.


SECTION II                                    PURPOSE


A. The objective of the Organization shall be to implant firmly in the girls of the South Manchester community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, loyalty, and courage through supervised athletic games.  In addition, it shall be the league’s goal to help each girl maximize her potential ability as her team tries to reach its goal of improving player performance.


B. To ensure a positive experience for the players, adults should refrain from the use of abusive or argumentative language or behavior.  Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere on the property.  Any players, parents or guests who violate these policies may be subject up to immediate expulsion from the league or park as determined by the Board of Directors.




A. Notwithstanding any other provisions of these articles, the Organization is Organized exclusively or one or more of the purposes as specified in Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986, and shall not carry on any activities not permitted to be carried on by an Organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under IRS 501C (c) (3) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent law.


B. No part of the net earnings of the Organization shall insure to the benefit of

any member, trustee, director, officer of the Organization, or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Organization), and no member, trustee, or officer of the Organization or private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution of any other the Organization’s assets on dissolution of the Organization.


C. No substantial part of the activities of the Organization shall be carrying on Propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation (except as otherwise provided by  501 (h) or participating in, or intervening in (including the publication or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office.


  1. In the event of dissolution, all of the remaining assets and property of the Organization shall, after payment of all necessary expenses thereof, be distributed to Organizations that qualify under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986, or corresponding provisions of any subsequent Federal Tax laws, or to the approval of a Justice of the Superior Court of the State of New Hampshire.


E. In any year in which the Organization is a private foundation as described in Section 501 (a), the Organization shall distribute its income for said period in such time and manner as not to subject it to tax under IRS 4942, and the Organization shall not:

a.         Engage in any act of self-dealing as defined in mc 4941 (d),

b.         Retain an excess business holding as defined in Section 4943 (c)

c.         Make any investments in such a manner as to subject the Organization to tax under Section 4944, or

d.         Make any taxable expenditures as defined in mc 4945 (d) or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws.


F.        File Annual report to the Charitable Trust.




A.   Any possible conflict of interest on the part of any member of the Board, officer or employee of the corporation shall be disclosed in writing to the Board and made a matter of records through an annual procedure and also when the interest involves a specific issue before the Board.  Where the transaction involving a board member, trustee or officer exceeds five hundred dollars ($500.00) in a fiscal year, a two-thirds vote of the disinterested directors is required. The minutes of the meeting shall reflect that a disclosure was made, the abstention from voting, and the actual vote itself.  Every new member of the Board will be advised of this policy upon entering the duties of his or her office.  The Board will comply with all requirements of New Hampshire law in this area and the New Hampshire requirements are incorporated into and made part of this policy statement.


SECTION V                                    MEETINGS


A. The Organization shall meet on the second Wednesday of each month at a time and place of suitable convenience as determined by the league President.

B. Special meetings may be called by the President of the league.  No other business shall be conducted at the special meeting other than that for which the special meeting was called.

C. All meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order. Voice, hand or standing vote is acceptable.

D.  Business of the meeting will be discussed and voted on by the Board of Directors.


SECTION IV                                    GOVERNING BOARD


The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Board and League Directors.




A. Consists of President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B. The Executive Board is responsible for: developing the agenda for monthly meetings; allocating funds as requested from the Board or as necessary; reviewing and adjudicating any discipline/behavior matters.

C. All decisions of the Executive Board will be disclosed to the full Board as approved.

D. Job Descriptions of the Executive Board.




1.         Shall preside at all meetings of the Board.

2.         President will cast deciding vote in case of a tie in any voting.

3.         With approval from the Board, the President may establish other positions to facilitate the business of the organization.  These positions are not to be considered permanent Board positions.

4.         In the case of a vacancy on the Board, the President shall have the right to recommend to the Board a person to serve the unexpired term.

5.         Will appoint the Umpire-in-Chief and League Advisor, both of whom will be non-voting members of the Board.

6.         Has the authority to veto decisions when legal liability and responsibility are in question.

7.         Submits all required Charter information and league rosters to appropriate affiliations.

8.         Has the sole authority to authorize purchase or payment of expenses up to but not to exceed $300.00.




                First Vice President


1.  In the President’s absence, the First Vice President shall discharge all duties of the President.

2.  Schedule and conduct try-outs (placement) for the players of the league.

3. Responsible for coordinating or delegating the draft and selection process for all levels of play.

  1. Develops schedule of play for all levels of play.
  2. Arranges for league players photograph sessions.


                Second Vice President


1.         Coordination of Board of Elections.

2.         Oversee and coordinate or delegate yearly player registration process.

3.         Responsible for securing necessary approvals to insure use of fields for games and practice.

4.         Coordinate or delegate annual coach’s clinic/orientation.




1.         Will keep a record of all meeting proceedings to include a record of those in attendance.

2.         Develop and distribute agendas for all Board Meetings.

3.         Maintain a current list of Board Members.

4.         Notify Board Members of meetings.

5.         Handle the correspondence with sponsors and other community members as necessary.

6.         Prepare and distribute a periodic newsletter containing league information during the season.

7.         Place all required ads in newspapers.




1.         Will collect and under the direction of the Board disburse such funds as required.

2.         Financial reports (income and expense) will be developed and distributed monthly at regular board meetings.

3.         Responsible for any filings that are required by the I.R.S.

4.         In corporation with the League Officers/Executive Board Members, will develop on a yearly basis an operating budget.




A.   Consists of three (3) player agents, Grounds Chairperson, Equipment Chairperson, Fundraising/Sponsorship Chairperson, Registrar, Concession Manager, Assistant Concession Manager, Tournament Chairperson, League Information Specialist, Uniform Manager, League Advisor (Presidential appointment), and Umpire-in-Chief, (Presidential  appointment).


B. Each Director retains one vote for legal matters (excluding League Advisor and Umpire-in-Chief).

C. Directors shall oversee league business and have official voting privileges.

D. Authority and responsibility to determine changes and/or additions to the Rules of Play, Rules of Conduct.

E. Job Descriptions of the League Directors.



                Fundraising/Sponsorship Chairperson


1.         Solicit and oversee a committee of parents to assist in fundraising/ Sponsorship activities.

2.         Develop and maintain year long fundraising programs to include: Corporate fundraising and sponsorships, Corporate Signboard program, and any other fundraising programs/activities approved by the board.

3.         Set up and maintain databases on this information.



1.         In working with the Second Vice-President, coordinate or delegate, supervise and implement all processes required for player registrations for any regular and post season play.

2.         Coordinate or delegate, supervise and implement all processes required for coaching and team parent selections.

3.         Set up and maintain databases on this information.


Equipment Chairperson

  1. Insure each division begins the season with appropriate equipment; Bats, helmets, catchers gear, softballs, first aid kits, etc.
  2. Develop a master inventory of equipment.
  3. Maintain adequate supply of scorebooks, roster forms.
  4. Properly maintain first aid cabinet.


Tournament Chairperson

1.         With Board approval, coordinates and assists traveling team coaches with planning for their tournaments.

2.         Develops a committee for South Junior Deb Invitational Tournaments.

3.         Handle all correspondence/mailings for all tournaments.

4.         Orders all tournament trophies.


Three (3) Player Agents


                1.  Will attempt to resolve all grievances involving player, coach,  team, and or parent.  If unable to resolve will refer problem to the Executive Board.

                2.  Will keep a log of all grievances in order to keep the League Officers informed.  This log will be submitted to the league secretary at the conclusion of the season.

                3.  Will attend team meetings (for players and parents) and relay the rules and expectations of the league.

4.  Will meet with the coaches during season play, on a regular basis prior to the Board of Directors meetings and act as a liaison between the coaches and the Board.

5.  Distributes, or delegates distribution of league plaques to sponsors.


Concession Manager

1.         Collect a list of parents to staff the concession from head coaches of  farm, minor and major divisions.

2.         Responsible for purchasing all food, supplies and drinks for the Concession stand.

3.         Coordinates opening and closing of concession stand.

4.         Develop a list of recommended prices of concession stand items for submission to the Board of Directors for approval.

5.         Provide the Treasurer with a nightly income and expense report.

6.         Maintain appropriate concession stand permits.

  1.         Ensure all concession equipment is properly maintained.
  2. Coordinate nightly fifty-fifty raffles


Assistant Concession Manager

  1.         Assists concession manager with any and all duties as required



Building and Grounds


1.         Develop a list of parent volunteers to assist in field preparation for tournaments.

2.         Responsible for purchasing grounds equipment and supplies; i.e. lime, sandstone, rakes etc.

3.         Insure that the grass is cut on a regular basis.

4.         Insure the playability of fields after the winter season.

5.         Insure that grounds are policed after games and trash is properly disposed of.

6.         Works to insure that the buildings are maintained.

7.         Coordinates Field Clean-Up Day.

8.         Is authorized to spend up to $150.00 per season without board approval for use for emergency purchases for fields/maintenance.


League Information Specialist


1.         Completely maintains an up to date league website with current

          Events, league schedules, newsletters, etc.

2.         Responsible for placing pertinent articles regarding the league in

          the newspaper as required.


Uniform Manager


1.         Responsible for ordering regular and post-season league uniforms.

2.         Coordinate with head coaches for the distribution of uniforms and if required, their return.

3.         Responsible for ordering any league clothing items.

  1.         Responsible for ordering and distributing all league trophies for regular season and playoffs.
  2. Responsible for all operations of the league store.


Umpire In Chief (appointed position)


1.         Coordinates umpiring schedules for all league play (farm, minors, majors, and any post season or invitational tournaments.

2.         Provide support and training for umpires as needed.

3.         This is a non-voting position.


League Advisor (appointed position)


1.         Will be a past president or qualified individual of the South Jr Deb Softball League.

2.         Will serve as an advisor to the league, providing historical knowledge and expertise from having served as a board member.

3.        This is a non-voting position.






A. Any person reaching 18 years of age by Board Election month.

B. More than one position may be held at a time but each individual shall retain only one vote.

C. Term of office for each position is one year.




A. The Board of Directors shall be nominated and elected at the October annual meeting.




A. Open nominations will be accepted from the floor.

B. Nominated individuals must accept the nomination in written or verbal form at the time of the meeting.




A. Executive Board will be elected first followed by the remainder of the Board positions.

B. Current Head Coaches and Board of Directors are allowed one vote.  In the event the Head Coach is a member of the Board, they retain one vote.




A. In the case of a vacancy on the Board, the President will recommend a replacement to serve the unexpired term to the Board of Directors for approval.




A. Failing to comply/complete the duties of said position are grounds for removal.  A formal hearing followed by two thirds (2/3) vote of the full board is necessary to expel.


SECTION X                        COACHES


A. Head coaches must be 21 years of age for the minor/major division and 18 years of age for the farm/instructional divisions; assistants in the major, minor, farm and instructional division must be 18 years of age.  Player Coaches in any division may only coach in a division younger than where they are eligible to play. Player coaches must be under the direct supervision of the head or assistant coach at all times.

B.  Coaches must apply in writing to be considered for a coaching assignment. Coaches are approved/assigned on an annual basis by the Executive Board.

C. All coaches are required to sign a Code of Conduct.

D. Substantiated violations of the Rules of Play and or Code of Conduct will be submitted to the Executive Board, The Executive Board shall have the authority and responsibility to act.  A decision shall be rendered after a review/hearing of the facts and a final decision shall be made by the Executive Board.

E. Head Coaches may have one vote at the annual election of board members.

F. All coaches and board members are subject to a background check, to be reviewed by the President.  The Presidents background check shall be reviewed by the 1st Vice President.


SECTION XI                        FINANCIAL MATTERS


A. Fiscal year is from November 1st to October 31st.

B. The President or Treasurer must sign the organization bills, notes, checks, negotiable instruments or other evidence of obligations.

C. The Organization's financial records will be audited yearly by an outside source selected by the Board.

D. All reimbursement requests must be supported by valid receipts in a timely manner.  Reimbursements or payments will not be made unless prior approval is received from the Executive Board.