League Information

We are now in our 44th season of recreational fastpitch girl's softball! Our league is composed of girls ranging in ages from 4-17. We play at the Goffs Falls Field on Brown Ave. in Manchester, NH and the cost is $60 to play.


Coaches Application:

All 3 pages are required for coaches to fill out and sign.





Violence Policy for South Jr. Deb:

  1. Verbal abuse: Verbal abuse towards any player, coach, or umpire, by any player, coach, or parent, will result in a warning. Repeat offenses will result in immediate expulsion from the field, and a one game suspension✳
  2. Bullying: South Jr. Deb has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If the verbal abuse is escalated to the degree of bullying (as determined by the board), there will be an immediate two game suspension✳, and the individual will be on probation for the rest of the season. Any further offenses will result in expulsion from the league. Any instance of bullying will also remove a player from Allstar contention.
  3. Physical violence: South Jr. Deb has a zero tolerance policy for physical violence. Any physical violence perpetrated by a player, parent, or coach will result in immediate expulsion from the league, and possible charges brought against the individual.

✳Suspension, as defined by South Jr. Deb, indicates the offender is not allowed at the ballpark.