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South Jr Deb Girls Softball is a non-profit girls softball league founded in 1972. Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming place for local girls to learn not only softball but life skills important when being a part team such as good sportsmanship, honesty, respect, loyalty, and courage.

Our divisions include Instructional, Minor, and Majors, composed of girls ranging in ages from 4-17. We have 6 plus weeks of games as well as practices, clinics, and batting cage time. Practices start as soon as the City of Manchester allows the fields to be used (usually mid-April) and will be determined by the coaches prior to team meetings. Minors and Majors end their season with a week of playoff games and then a Championship game.


$25 Winners:

Sara Wainright, Jeanine Petriel, Cheyenra Smart, Thomas Mosher,  Jack Beard,Yolani Santana Jimenez, Paul Chergey, Dominick Serrecchia, Tammy Lambrou, Kayla Deononcourt, LeeAnn Rowell, Ryan Gillis, Krystal Pinard, Samantha Morin, Eric Clark, Bob Comey, MArcello Terino, David Godbout, Patrick Nutter, Michelle Martinson, Charles Henry

$50 Winners:

Denise Powell, Melinda Wardiner, Ron Spinney, Melissa McCaffrey, Meliss Moore, Peter Brisson, Peter Clow, Jennifer LaTurno, Jennifer Perdue, Anonymous


Parking is allowed on the street near the field. PLEASE DO NOT park in our neighbor's lots (Manchester Firing Line and the Doggy Day Care) as they will call towing companies.  Doggy Day Care does allow us to park in the last row of spaces. Also, be sure to park facing the clubhouse on the minor side or the police will ticket. 


You are only scheduled for one shift per child - if you are unable to attend your shift PLEASE arrange a swap with another parent. The concession stand is run by volunteer Board members and we rely on parent help to make it successful. In the event we do not have enough help, we will have to limit what is sold to drinks, ice cream and packaged foods. Please do your part and help the league prosper.

June Schedule

BOARD MEMBER ELECTIONS: Elections for Board positions will take place  July 10th at 6pm at the field.

We have many open positions that need filling and any position is available to run for.  Please consider adding your voice and assistance to running this league so that we can grow and prosper.