South Jr Deb Softball



Come to concession this week (June 4 - June 9) to collect.

After June 9, checks will be mailed.

            Winner            Player

May 1st    $25    Kathy DeVarney        Brooke Lescatre

May 2nd    $25    Tana Gustafson        Caelan Gustafson

May 3rd    $25    Catherine Collier        Ayvah Collier

May 4th    $50    Alyssa Lescatre        Brooke Lescatre

May 5th    $50    Frank Swist            Kayla Swist

May 6th    $25    Jasmine Day        Ciara Banks

May 7th    $25    Crystal Sayer        Peyton McAneney

May 8th    $25    Peter Bureau        Jessica MacArthur

May 9th    $25    Marc Tetu            Ava Tetu

May 10th    $25    Tim Lipke            Kaylee Allard

May 11th     $50    Jennifer Shablin        Elizabeth Shablin

May 12th    $50    Margaret Randlett    Lorelai Randlett

May 13th    $25    Mariela Maria        Skyler George

May 14th    $25    Scott Swist            Kayla Swist

May 15th    $25    Lisa Bean            Jessica MacArthur

May 16th    $25    Kristin Burke        Jenna Burke

May 17th    $25    Andrew Finnigan        Destiny Lee

May 18th    $50    Grant Lewis            Elianny Gonzalez Pena

May 19th    $50    Shiloh Labrecque        Bryanna Dedrick    

May 20th    $25    Kelly Jobel            Riley McNamara

May 21st    $25    Lyndell Kanhai-singh    Trinity Kanhai-singh

May 22nd    $25    Peter Miles            Alexis Miles

May 23rd     $25    Mary Gosselin        Sarah Roderick

May 24th    $25    Jamie Beland        Chloe Gilroy

May 25th    $50    Theresa Schneiderheinze Kaylee Allard

May 26th    $50    Connor Britton        Jaidyn Kanhai-singh

May 27th    $25    Roger Allard        Makenzie Allard

May 28th    $25    Brent Berlinguette    Alexis Miles

May 29th    $25    Nancy Collins        Mia McDermett

May 30th    $25    Scott Poitras        Chloe Gilroy

May 31st    $25    Todd Boutin        Hailey Sullivan Shanley

-----   First Annual Movie Night   ----

SATURDAY  June 16, 2018

More info to come!!!


Hello, and welcome to the official website of South Jr. Deb your main resource for the happenings of the South Jr. Deb Softball League. We offer the best experience around in recreational girl's fastpitch softball. We've been around for a long time and have had the same goal in mind since day 1:

"To provide people a great way of engaging in competitive and fun activities."


Concessions are open for every game.  Come check out our SJD Store for helmets, cleats, clothing and MORE. 


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 Our League Provides:

  • 10 Week Seasons Including Playoffs
  • All equipment necessary to play with the exception of a glove and appropriate footwear
  • Fun & Social experience
  • A positive environment for players to learn and grow
  • An All-Star opportunity for girls that have excelled
  • Playing opportunites for ages 4-17. (See league information for specific age requirements.)


The Manchester Police advises us that anyone parked beyond the no parking sign near the minor/instructional fields will be ticketed. Also, if you park on the street beside the minor field your vehicle must be facing the right direction or you will be ticketed, (you need to be facing the clubhouse.)